Woods Wanderings

"Not all who wander are lost." -J. R. R. Tolkien

         Welcome to Woods Wanderings. Do you remember wandering through the woods as a child searching for magical places, extraordinary views, and friends in the creatures all around you? Why remember it? Whoever said growing up means forgetting to have the eyes and spirit of children? This site is dedicated to the woods wanderings of Steph and Erin (me!). Why make a site about us? Well, besides the fact that it's a great place for me to keep all my pictures, I like to think it might encourage others to persue wanderings of their own. I mean, let's face it: How many college students spend their weekends with their friends hiking all over the beautiful Catskill mountains? None that I know. Not only am I conscious during my weekends, but I get to do awesome stuff like walking through waterfalls and climbing trees. So while this whole college life silliness continues to baffle and confuse me, I seek learning, understanding, and enjoyment with my awesome buddy Steph and a whole lot of unexplored woods. Check out where our path finds us...where does yours find you?

Wandering 1 August 30, 2003

Wandering 2 September 7, 2003

Lost Mom Story circa April, 2003

Wandering 3 September 27, 2003

Mom's Rebuttal October 4, 2003

Wandering 4 October 11, 2003

Wandering 5 October 18, 2003

Wandering 6 October 25, 2003

Lunar Eclipse November 8, 2003

Wandering 7 March, 2004

Wandering 8 March, 2004

Wandering 9 May, 2004

Wandering 10 June, 2004

Wandering 11 August, 2004

This site is ridiculously under construction right now. Check back for links to the latest wanderings, about us and contact info, and all that other good stuff.