"I went to the woods because I wanted to live deliberately...."

       Our first unoffical woods wandering began on my first weekend home from school. Like the runner nerd that I am, I asked Steph if she wanted to go run at the Ashokan Field Campus with me. Like the runner nerd that she is, she agreed. We took my lonely, empty-nested parents along either to be nice or so they could be our photographers...I'm not sure which. We introduced them to the legendary waterfall, and lo and behold the new digital camera needed to be charged. I had wanted a picture of Steph and me (yes, that's correct English) under the waterfall as my desktop background. Unfortunately, all that exists from this excursion is a single picture of two runner nerds doing some trail running. We were inspired, though, and I was heading home again the next weekend.

       After checking out the waterfall, we were about to leave when we ran into two strange people. They told us we should go on further and see "Cathedral Falls" which is apparently better than the one we were looking at. Now, I've never heard of Cathedral Falls but we were up for an adventure, so we continued on hiking through stinging nettle and a ton of mud. We went for quite a while and decided that the two people were probably walking along the trail back to the parking lot laughing hysterically at the stupid tourists they sent off in search of some ridiculous place. I live here! This was my cross-country course. Whatever. We decided to go up rather than back. (Intelligent, huh?) We began scaling the cliff-like ledge to get back to the top and hike back. Steph, Dad, and I had a blast while Mom whined about how she was going to slip on a wet leaf and plummet to her untimely death and how it was all our fault for coming out here. (The irony is that mom begs to go hiking all the time... I'll save the "leaving her alone on a trail in Ithaca story" for some other time I think.) I wonder who those people were?


Wandering 2