"....to front only the essential facts of life...."

       I came home the next weekend to go to Olive Day which, in case you don't know, is a 100% awesome event for all of us who live in the middle of nowhere and enjoy it. Well, actually it's for town of Olive residents so really I have no reason to be there. But I think as long as you know where Olive is and you're not from New York City, you're accepted there. Anyway, I wanted to run the Olive Day road race to see my old cross-country teammates, see if I'd become a fat, lazy, college student, and of course to get the frog t-shirt.
       I'm digressing from Steph's and my adventures, though. Sunday we decided to continue our quest to get the coolest background for my computer desktop, which in case you forgot, is us under the waterfall. Camera, adventurous adults, and two runner nerds dressed alike (not on purpose) set out once more for the Ashokan Field Campus waterfall. Since we'd run a 5K road race the day before, we figured it'd probably behoove (inside joke) us to run a woods loop and take the connector trail to the waterfall to meet my parents. Somehow it slipped our minds that it had been raining for the past ..like.. two weeks so the connector trail which usually crosses a rather dry stream looked more like a raging river. We tried to find some resemblance of a dry route for a few minutes, and then gave up and just walked across. We were a little late getting to the waterfall. My parents who think they are five thought it would be cute to try and scare us. Unfortunately, the trees they chose to hide behind suited them 20 years ago and not now. Dad, we don't call you "puffster" for nothing. Nice try, though.
       After thwarting their evil ploy, we had some good old waterfall fun.

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Shower anyone?


Me (Erin)

This picture makes me jealous that I live here.

Taking the walk.


Wandering 3