"....and see if I could not learn what it had to teach...."

       I headed home the last weekend in September because I'd been on a college campus for three weeks and I was going insane. Living in a world with people who are 18-21 is kind of odd and I was getting bored of looking out my window and seeing really bad tennis players all the time. My real motive, however, was to go someplace exciting with Steph to celebrate her sixteenth birthday. We considered going to the mall or going to see a movie for about.... wait... forget that. We didn't consider that at all. I found out there was a festival at Hunter Mountain centered around wine tasting and thought that might be fun.
       Ok, I know what you're thinking. This girl's a hypocrite. She leaves campus to avoid people who drink and she's going to a wine tasting festival. And if your math skills are good you'll pick up on the fact that I'm not 21. And if your memory is also good you'll remember that we're celebrating Steph's 16th. Well, there are a lot of other cool things at these festivals so stop trying to get me in trouble here!!
       We needed to wander first. North Lake is close to Hunter Mountain and I hadn't been there since I was little. I asked Steph if she was interested and then abducted her for the day. We brought along the parents again for a few reasons: they have money for parking, they can photograph us in all the cool places we find, and I can tell funny stories about them on this website. When I picked her up, the little stinker was wearing the exact same thing as me again. (I swear we don't do this on purpose.) So after we got over the strangeness of that, we headed to North Lake. We checked out the view which was pretty spectacular. It was also quite windy. If you closed your eyes, it felt like you were going to get blown away.

On top of the world.

       It was a gorgeous view, and a neat day to be there. You could watch the rainclouds over other towns. Then we hiked to some huge boulder that has a name and that lots of silly tourists carved their initials into. That kind of wrecked it, but I figured I may as well climb it while I was there. The higher the better. Steph didn't join me on this one. I'll add that picture later.
       We hiked around for a while and came to a fork in the path. We pulled a little Robert Frost action and wandered down the unmarked trail to see where that might lead. We came to a pond surrounded by birch trees. Steph and I ventured off to check it out.

Checking it out.


       Upon further investigation, we noticed that many of the trees had grown out over the pond. One birch branch in particular interested me. I saw it and it looked like a seat. You can guess what happens next.


       No, I didn't fall in but thank you for your concern. You aren't the only one who was hoping I would. It was a good detour. Unfortunately, the trail only looped around the pond so we were forced to go back the way we came. This was around the time mom started freaking out that we didn't know which way we were going and how it was going to get dark and we were going to die in the woods and no one would know and there were bear and it was all our fault for taking the path...or something like that... We headed back, and emerged from the woods with plenty of daylight. It was a good adventure.

How cool is this? "My buddy, my buddy.."

       We then headed off to the Hunter festival. There was some cool stuff. We looked around at all the displays, made fun of some people, (Here a yupp, there a yupp, everywhere a yupp yupp...) and happily headed back home to eat Chinese food and home-made apple pie with vanilla ice cream. All in all, it was a great day.


Wandering 4