"....and not, when I came to die, discover that I had not lived...."

       So we had good old "family weekend" out here at Ithaca College and naturally my fah-mily (who I so rarely see....) came out. Mike joined them. Honestly, though, at this point, Mike may as well be part of the family. I figured this would be a good opportunity to get off campus, check out some gorges, and get some neat pictures to update the website. Ithaca's not disappointing as far as random nature intrigues are concerned.
       First stop on Mom's "pack as much as is humanly possible into one day" schedule was Taughkannoch Falls. The falls themselves are 215 feet high. The surrounding cliffs are some 400 feet high. Legend has it that two Native American tribes engaged in battle at the top of the falls. The Cheif of the losing side was thrown over the falls. Taughkannoch means "Full of Trees." There's your tidbit for the day.

Taughkannoch Falls

       Completely disregarding the sign that says, "Danger, falling rocks. Do not go beyond this point," Mike and I went over to get a picture of us next to the falls. We got a little wet, but it definitely shows how massive they really are.

Mike and me giving a demonstration of how high these are.

       On the way back, we saw a smaller waterfall. Mike and I ventured over to check this out as well. Eric, my brother, chickened out. Whatever. Dad took a picture, but this seemed a bit too ordinary.

Mike and me hanging out on the rock

       Mike decided it would be cool to go inside of these falls as well. (For once, I didn't suggest it!! Imagine that!!). I think he was standing in there for a good 20 seconds before I could get in. The water was rushing pretty hard and the rocks were slippery. Needless to say we were completely soaked. We couldn't tell if the picture had been taken or not, so we counted to five and got the heck out of there. It's October. The water's not exactly bath water.

Mike and me inside the falls

       We left the falls and continued up to the lookout point. Here's the picture:

Here is the view from the lookout point

       Next stop was one of the two Tremen parks. It's either Alan or Robert. I get them confused. Either way, it has a place called Lucifer Falls. This place was interesting, but differently interesting. It resembled something out of The Lord of the Rings by which I mean it had man-made stone steps and benches. While it looked kind of cool, it lacked being quite natural. I think it was sometime around here where Mom started freaking out because it was dark and we had about six hundred stairs to climb and a mile walk to get back to the car.

Eric posing by the falls

This is a game called, "Where's Eric?" His head is in this picture!

I couldn't resist walking across the fallen tree.

Pretending to jump down into Lucifer Falls while Mom is freaking out at the bottom


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