"....nor did I wish to practice resignation, unless it was quite necessary...."

mmaahhjjoonngg: i picked a place safe from deer hunters and dad made me a hat with antlers on it

       I went home again the following weekend because I wanted to be a part of Miles for Medals to benefit Ulster County Special Olympics (obviously I wanted to see my favorite people there as well). Ithaca College Men's and Women's Track and Field sponsered me and I wrote a check for $205.00 which rocked. Ok that aside, since I had to go for the entire weekend, I decided to wander with Steph. We wanted to hike up Slide Mountain since it's the tallest in the area. However, my parents are paranoid that we'd get shot what with hunting season and all. The above picture depicts the entertainment prior to the hike. Dad's hilarious. We decided that Minnewaska was probably the safest bet.

Steph and me at the beginning by the stream

       We took the blueberry trail (which unfortunately didn't have blueberries obviously) to some lookout point, the name of which escapes my memory. We hung out there for a while, but it was ridiculously windy and cold. Again, we're not dressed alike on purpose. We may have the same clothes, but I have NO clue what makes us choose to wear them on the same day.

Steph and me

       Mom and Dad made some friends at this point from Queens. We all headed to a place called Rainbow Falls. They were kind enough to take a picture of our whole crew. As you can see, we have added clothing. It was getting later, and colder.

Steph, me, Dad, and Mom (without her antler hat)

       It was around 5. We knew it got dark at 6:30 and it was about time to find the trail back. The fastest way was not the way we came. We needed to follow green markers to get to the carriage trail which would return us to the parking lot. Right, so whoever decided to make the markings on the trees that we were supposed to follow GREEN was a MORON. Honestly, pretend you have no idea where you're going and you're trying to find markers in the forest. There are two colors that would make absolutely ridiculous markers- brown, and green. Clearly, this logic was over their heads. We had quite the time finding the trail which turned out to scale a cliff. It was the adventure part of the hike and also the point at which Mom started to remind us that we would soon be thanking her for bringing her flashlight this time. (!?!) We did make it out, though. I do believe we got to the car very near 6:30. New Paltz was a mess, so we went over the mountain through Ellenville to get home, picking up pizza on the way. But seriously.... green trail markers?!?!?!?!?!?!?! C'mon.