Dude, do you even know me at all? Geez. Welcome to my IC weekend album. In this page you will not see anything sketchy, shady, dodgy, or even remotely objectionable. This page is rated 'G'... 'PG' at the worst just like our lives (lol). For the weekends I can't be at home, at least I've found some people who think weekends here are as ridiculous as I do! Instead of being typical college students (And I might add, we're not weird just for the sake of being weird. We really don't get it!) we have decided to find odd and unusual things to occupy our weekends. By odd and unusual I mean fun to us and probably odd and unusual to other people. Their loss.
       I think the inspiration came from the conversation (or lack thereof) in the dining hall. Jen and I find conversation here a bit.... lacking... .in substance. The following two quotations have been edited, but pose a good example of what I speak:

"DUDE! It's your ******* birthday?! Give me a high five, man!" (You only get a high five if it's your "*******" birthday, not if it's just your birthday.)
"Nah, I'm only going to stay for a few minutes of the game, then I gotta go back and hit up the alcohol." (Overheard at the Cortaca football game-- showing how the football game is pretty irrelevant to the weekend despite the fact that it's supposed to be the focus. Why waste their time paying to go to a football game? Just declare a weekend "National Drunk Weekend." Oh wait... that's like.... every weekend....)

       So Patty, Jen, and I tackled the Simpsons puzzle that Sara and I bought and started earlier in the week. Although, I haven't seen Sara all weekend to work on it, she and I did the border a few days ago. We needed something to do, and it's a ridiculous challenge. We got back from the football game at 1:30 and puzzled it up for almost four hours. It's a mosaic made up of tiny little scenes that fit together to make one big scene. Basically, it's impossible, but unfortuantely, it's addictive. After dinner, Theresa joined us for round two: 6:00PM-11:30PM after which we watched Sleepy Hollow which reminded me somewhat of HAMLET in the sense that... everyone dies. Check out the result of our puzzlement!!

Jen and me "puzzled"

Theresa studies the box.

Jen adding some pieces.

Me deciding what to do next.

Floor shot.

Homer...almost complete! How many hours later?!?!