Time for another digression. I couldn't resist this one. I call it "Mom's Rebuttal." This is what she told me in our aol instant messanger conversation when I discussed my newly designed website with her. She's mmaahhjjoonngg- it's a long story. I'm iggy2foots- it's not a long story, but it probably should be. Enjoy!

iggy2foots: I want to go to buttermilk falls.
mmaahhjjoonngg: why there?
mmaahhjjoonngg: i hate that place
iggy2foots: hehe
mmaahhjjoonngg: and i might have to stay there
iggy2foots: I wanna find that place from last time.
mmaahhjjoonngg: yick
iggy2foots: hehe more
iggy2foots: Did you see my webpage dedicated to you? ;-)
mmaahhjjoonngg: it stinks
mmaahhjjoonngg: i don't wanna go near that place
iggy2foots: The rescue helicopters would have found you eventually.
mmaahhjjoonngg: i hate that picture
iggy2foots: I like it. I think it captures your personality very well. ;-)
mmaahhjjoonngg: there WERE rescue planes flying overhead
mmaahhjjoonngg: i didn't tell you the first time
mmaahhjjoonngg: didn't want to make you guys feel too bad
iggy2foots: That's going on the site
mmaahhjjoonngg: i need to write my own version
mmaahhjjoonngg: it is pretty accurate tho surprisingly
iggy2foots: Please write your own. that would be even better!!
mmaahhjjoonngg: NO!
iggy2foots: Send it to iggy2foots@hotmail.com. Please!! lol
mmaahhjjoonngg: no
mmaahhjjoonngg: people are laughing at me already
mmaahhjjoonngg: and my awful picture is all over the internet
mmaahhjjoonngg: grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
iggy2foots: Why are they laughing at you if it isn't ridiculous?
mmaahhjjoonngg: you make it sound rediculous
mmaahhjjoonngg: it was mean of you two to leave me stranded
iggy2foots: YOU said it was accurate!
mmaahhjjoonngg: ask michele-she'll tell you
iggy2foots: she's laughing
iggy2foots: lol
mmaahhjjoonngg: never leave a person alone in the woods
mmaahhjjoonngg: esp when the trail is CLOSED
mmaahhjjoonngg: me and the squirrels

mmaahhjjoonngg: i got another mean fortune cookie
iggy2foots: What was it? lol
mmaahhjjoonngg: "its not in your nature to give"
mmaahhjjoonngg: blah
iggy2foots: BUP!!!

Funny eh?


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